Texas: Everything’s bigger and better. At least, that’s what the age-old saying claims. While the state is known for cattle ranching, ridiculously large copies of everyday items, and of course, rural hospitality, there are other, more exciting reasons to check out the lone star state. It can actually be an exciting vacation destination with tons of unique experiences to enjoy.

Let’s look at three reasons you should consider Texas for your next vacation.

The Food

According to The Travel Vibes there’s one thing pretty much everyone loves, and that’s good food. If you take a trip to Texas, your inner foodie won’t be disappointed.

Of course, you have different types of food to look forward to, too. First and foremost, the good old country cooking you expect will take center stage, and the state’s economic dependency on beef production means there’s no shortage of high-quality steaks and beef products.

Local, affordable diners and family-owned restaurants are often the best places to indulge in comfort food around the state. You’ll find rib-eye steaks that push the boundaries of how much one person can consume, homemade sides that are to die for, and some of the best desserts in the country. All with locally-sourced ingredients and a level of care and love that can’t be matched elsewhere.

Also, the state fair is home to some of the most creative food options in the world. From Fruity Pebbles Shrimp Po Boys to whole apple pies blended into milkshakes, you’re sure to find a one-of-a-kind dish that will keep you coming back every year.

Just watch your waistline. These Texan staples are not meant for low-calorie diets or cautious eaters.

Family-Friendly Attractions

Texas is extremely family-friendly when it comes to the state’s tourist attractions. Not only can you find massive statues of random household items along the roadside, or of course, the state fair itself, but the state’s tourist businesses specifically design resorts and tours to cater to families.

Here’s an article that covers 7 of the best family-friendly vacation packages in Texas.

The suggestions outlined in the recommended article are curated experiences that cater to families, but it’s more than convenient to simply plan your own trip with all the accommodations and attractions the state has to offer.


Texas does have some city areas that are fairly expensive to stay in, but those aren’t the places that truly make Texas shine. You get the best experience in the more rural or small-town areas that are far more affordable and loaded with the spots locals have loved for decades.

In smaller, less tourist-themed areas, hotel rooms for the whole family can cost as little as $103 per night, and there are several campgrounds available in most regions of the state with even more affordable prices.

The surplus of beef also makes extravagant steak dinners some of the most affordable options around, and there are plenty of family-friendly attractions that are also budget-friendly.

Head to Texas for a Family-Friendly Time

Right now, a lot of places aren’t family-friendly. Texas caters to a family-oriented vacation experience, and it’s a lot cheaper than visiting the big apple or the Florida Keys. So, save a few bucks and have fun with the whole family; head to Texas for your next vacation!

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