People often seek to model their lives with notable successful individuals globally. One such man is Bill Gates, being one of the richest men in the world! You probably might not know all that there is to the Microsoft founder, but don’t be shocked as you’re about to discover that despite his dedication, amazing entrepreneurship qualities, years of sheer hard work and billions of dollars as net worth, Bill Gates does have a pretty simple lifestyle!

The first thing about the simple lifestyle of Bill Gates you might not know is that he does love to do the dishes at home! Being a wealthy man, he can employ people to wash his dishes. However, the billionaire does love to wash his own dishes at night. A simple man, right? We thought so too. According to him, washing dishes helps him relax his mind.

Another thing that will interest you about his simple lifestyle is that he has made it clear that his children will not inherit anything from him. Pretty ironic. Well, he duly noted that he would give his children the best education in the world, and he wants them to do ahead and start their own respective business with full support from him. This means that he doesn’t want his children to be poor – he prefers them working hard and starting their careers, but inheriting his wealth is a no from him. That’s simplicity accentuated with being principled!

Bill Gates’s simple lifestyle is further seen in that he somehow, despite his crazy schedules and responsibilities, monitors a tree in his house. Well, he sure has found one unique way to find some peace and maintain his calm mind. This tree is as old as 40 years and is close to the driveway in his house. Interestingly for 24 hours, that tree is monitored. Bill Gates confirms monitoring it to be some addiction he got to develop over the years. This easily proves that even the richest men on earth can be very simple in their daily dealings with life.

In conclusion, it’s a great idea to emulate the positive and humbling personalities and characters of globally respected men, like Bill Gates, despite their great influence and wealth! You can have a simple lifestyle while succeeding immensely!

Jean Wenzel
Jean Wenzel a is a current intern for Life and Entertainment. She has written articles about trending news, TV shows, celebrities and more.