Young entrepreneurs are always faced with myriads of challenges. These challenges range from insufficient experience to lack of capital, to dealing with stress and depression. They pose a significant threat to the success of their businesses. However, we have seen young minds in the US who have converted their challenges to their business strengths. One of them is Matthew Mullenweg, the Lead Developer of WordPress foundation and Principal at Audrey Capital. He is, no doubt, a successful entrepreneur. Here are some things you need to know about this young and vibrant entrepreneur.

Mullenweg was born in the USA on January 11, 1984. He is an American entrepreneur and web developer. Mullenweg attended High School for Performing and Visual Arts, where he studied jazz saxophone. He proceeded to the University of Houston to study Politics Science. He then left school to pursue a job at the CNET network in 2004. He is prominent for his creative ability in building free and open-source web software, called WordPress. The WordPress Foundation now manages it.

Mullenweg began his web software, WordPress, at an early age of 19. He started this web software with Mike Little, from b2 codebase. Later, he liaised with the original developer of b2 developer, Michel Valdrighi, to build his website.

He was then called upon by CNET to work on WordPress for them in 2004. Then, he decided to leave school in a bid to focus on developing WordPress. He was able to develop the WordPress 1.5 “Strayhorn,” and it recorded a total number of 900,000 downloads.

Furthermore, Mullenweg left CNET, in October 2005, to focus on WordPress full-time. In this period, he was able to build Akismet. In December 2005, he also announced the establishment of Automattic, which is the company behind

Today, WordPress is a website that enjoys massive acceptance. San Francisco Business Times reported in 2009 that WordPress sites were growing in larger numbers than Google’s blogger sites.

From Mullenweg’s story, it’s apparent that he kept doing what he needed to do as a young entrepreneur. Today, he is a successful young entrepreneur. Every budding entrepreneur should learn from Mullenweg’s life to keep forging ahead and work consistently to achieve greatness.


Brandon Muniz
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