The pharmaceutical, biotech, skincare, and research industries are eagerly watching the developments made by Korean pharmaceutical company Celltem, especially in their formulation of a new model of Antimicrobial Peptide C4 which has shown remarkable promise in changing the lives of acne sufferers around the world.

Existing antimicrobial acne treatments and antibiotics are renowned for having irritant side effects for users that can include redness, irritation, contact dermatitis, and even vomiting and fevers in some cases.

The new paradigm of Antimicrobial Peptide C4 has been specially developed to address the current irritations and side effects that are reported with existing models of treatment.

The development and research team of Celltem worked on their formulation as a response to worrying trends of side effects and antibiotic resistance that are apparent with current antimicrobial treatments for acne.

Antimicrobial Peptide C4 Targets Only Harmful Bacterium While Leaving Protective Bacteria Alone

The main drawback to current iterations of antimicrobial-based acne treatments is the fact that they target ALL bacteria present, the good bacteria and harmful in equal measure. As beneficial bacteria are known to protect and barrier the user from recurring problems, sensitivities, and detrimental impacts – the destruction of these protective bacteria is one of the root causes of skin irritation and side effects.

Antimicrobial Peptide C4 however has been formulated to only focus on harmful bacteria, leaving the beneficial bacteria alone and greatly reducing the occurrence of side effects thanks to the protective barriers remaining intact.

Percent Science

Defining The Antimicrobial/Inhibitory Facets

The Celltem discovery has already shown tremendous inhibitory effects on five epidermal pathogenic bacteria, even when used in small concentrations. One key facet of the substance resides in the targeting of harmful bacteria and the membranes that protect said bacteria. This alone instigates the notion of inhibitory benefits for users.

How Is It Being Commercialized? Percent Science

Bio-cosmetic brand Percent Science is already commercializing the discovery in the form of its skincare product containing Antimicrobial Peptide C4. Through the utilization of extensive testing of cytotoxicity, substance stabilization, and human application metrics, the company has successfully commercialized the antimicrobial substance effectively.

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