Call routing aims to achieve customer satisfaction by sending calls to the right agent or department. However, a few mistakes can sabotage this function. When this happens, the original purpose is defeated and customers are left displeased. Here are some common call routing mistakes to avoid if you want your customer support system to flourish.

5 Must-avoid Call Routing Mistakes

  1. Creating Unnecessary Menus

Have you ever wanted to talk to a customer service representative and you are met with several menus and sub-menus? Yes, this can be downright annoying, causing you to press the inept “0” or forfeit the call altogether. By pressing zero, the call is directed to the wrong agent, who may have to forward it to the right department. As such, the call waiting time is extended, leaving the customer fuming on the other end. Adding plenty of menus might seem smart, but best belief, your customers don’t appreciate the excesses. So it is best to keep your menu simple and straight to the point.

  1. Agents Being Caught Off-guard

This is a related downside of having an array of confusing menus. A customer might dial the wrong option while trying to make sense of the menu and get misrouted to the wrong agent. When this happens, the said agent is caught off-guard and may not approach the situation in a professionally acceptable manner. They might stammer, stutter or worst-case scenario, go mute. This invariably leaves a wrong impression on the caller. That said, it is wise to cross-train your agents so they can handle any and all calls regardless of skill level or know now how to transfer such calls without losing their professional “dignity”.

  1. Creating Lengthy and Needless Queues

When your call queues are not directly proportional to call volume, your call abandonment rates will dramatically increase. Therefore, you need to effectively manage an influx of calls when the situation demands — like during holidays. You should consider options like call-back queues so customers can be contacted when agents are available. You should also consider a flexible virtual phone system like Talkroute to help you effectively manage a horde of incoming calls without sacrificing customer satisfaction

  1. Asking Customers To Repeat Information

Want to get on your customers’ nerves? Ask them to repeat information they already provided. Because this is one of the easiest ways to get on your customers’ bad side, so you want to avoid this by all means. As a solution, adopt a system that collects customer data so you don’t have to repeatedly ask for specific information. New agents can also benefit from the system’s interaction history so they can handle calls without the need for already-provided customer information.


  1. Lack of System Updates

As with all technology, the call routing industry is constantly experiencing growth. Thus, your system has to grow with the crowd to improve customer experience and maintain customer satisfaction. For instance, you can employ analytics functions to determine the cause of customer agitation. Also, you can measure acoustic factors to identify and adjust the sticking points in your menu options.


In a Nutshell

Your business can’t afford the consequences that succeed these mistakes. You have to exercise every caution in the book to ensure that your call routing system is up to standard and not impeded by man-made mistakes like those highlighted above. A streamlined and steady routing system convinces your customers that your business takes customer service seriously!

Brandon Muniz
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